Elon Musk Unrolls First Tunnel Made by His Boring Company


Elon Musk unveiled a tunnel under suburban Los Angeles on Tuesday. He calls that tunnel to be the first step towards slashing cars journeys throughout the world. According to the billionaire businessman tunnels offer a safe journey alternative to future congestion on the roads. With an upgraded Tesla Model X zipping through a Boring Company tunnel, Elon Must unveils his vision of a high-speed tunnel system. He also trusts that this could simplify congestion and transform how millions of travelers get around cities. Additionally, the Boring company, suggests to bore such tunnels in the U.S.’s second-largest city.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, mentioned about the Boring Company in the past. It is his alternative business, a tunnel business, and his hobby business too. Formerly, in 2016 a frustrated Musk said he intends to begin digging tunnels as an option to Los Angeles’ overcrowded highways. Currently, Elon-Musk’s tunnel-digging venture is ready to unroll a prototype of its next-generation transport system. After almost 24 months of digging, the Boring Company is ready to show off its Hawthorne Test Tunnel in California. It is Musk’s first Tunnel, a 1.14-mile route to testify the underground transportation technology. Moreover, one end of the demo tunnel starts in a parking lot of SpaceX. Besides, the other end is in a neighborhood about a mile away in Hawthorne.

During his presentation, Musk described the Boring Company’s Tunnels as a genuine solution to the heavy traffic. He also laid out some ways that could be integrated into cities. This would make travel faster and easier. Tuesday afternoon, the Boring Company gave a demo to the reporters. The event highlighted how the new Tesla Model X SUV would go between 40 and 50 miles per hour. To keep drivers on track, the engineers have appended deployable alignment wheels to the front wheels of Model X. Thus, the alignment wheels get stuck to the side of the original wheels. Additionally, they act as a bumper along the track walls present on the inner side of the tunnel. The overall price of the finished project is about $10 million. The price includes the cost of Excavation, internal infrastructure, ventilation, lighting, security and safety system, track and communications.

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