Some iPhone Models Banned in Germany Citing Breaching of Qualcomm Patent


On Thursday Qualcomm Inc., chip supplier won another court fight in its universal patent battle with Apple Inc. Qualcomm bans the iPhone maker from selling some of its models in Germany that use chips from Intel and parts from other suppliers. Additionally, it may pull some older models from its stores in Germany. Whereas, Jun Zhang, Rosenblatt analyst foretells Apple could reduce iPhone production by another 4 million units during the first quarter of 2019. Besides, Apple’s stock price did not have any reaction to the news. But stocks were down by 2.5% at the end of the day, as tech stocks overall dived.

The win in Germany is the second time for Qualcomm; formerly it secured a court order to ban sales of some iPhone models in China. Currently, Apple persists in selling its iPhones in China but after making some changes to its iOS operating system. Although, the company made changes in the iOS following the orders of the Chinese government. This second victory may impact a few million productions of the iPhone Maker. Still, it is a small but clear win in a complicated legal fight that may turn into overdrive in the upcoming months. As a result, Apple and antitrust regulators both will drive Qualcomm to the U.S. court.

Apple stated that it intends to appeal the ruling. At this account, Judge Matthias Zigann told the court that the appeal would not go into immediate effect. However, Apple said that until the appeal process gets completed, two of its models will not be sold in its 15 German outlets. Whereas, it will sell its newest models iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Apple said that all iPhone models would be sold via carriers and other third-party vendors in Germany. Apple also charges that Qualcomm active in illicit behavior to maintain a monopoly on modern chips, which allows mobile devices to link with wireless data networks. Qualcomm has, in turn, charged Apple of utilizing the company’s wide-spread stable of technology innovations without proper payment.

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