Chinese Companies Are Supporting Huawei by Providing Subsidy to Purchase Huawei Products


More than 20 Chinese companies are supporting Huawei following the arrest of its chief financial officer. Even they are offering funds to their employees for purchasing Huawei’s smartphones. After the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, one of the Huawei’s supplier said it would fine any worker who buys an Apple iPhone. Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology said the employees who purchase iPhones would have to pay the equivalent amount of that device. Whereas, some companies are gifting their employees a Huawei smartphone. Most of the companies are motivating their workers to purchase Huawei products. The steps are a part of a broader initiative to displaying support for the Chinese tech giant. According to a report, many companies in China are recommending their employees to buy Huawei products and get refund ranging from 10-20%. Some of them are offering the entire amount for the purchase.

Besides, Shanghai Youluoke Electronic and Technology, a Chinese electronics maker, said it would fully finance up to two Huawei smartphones per employee. While, another communications service company, Fuchun Technology, said it would offer 100-500 yuan to the employees who buy Huawei’s smartphones. A Beer factory in Henan Province promises to give free alcohol worth 30% of purchase to the people who show the receipt for a Huawei device. Additionally, many companies flashed their post on social media to announce that they support the move. Although, some companies are collectively banning Apple products.

On the other hand, the U.S. government warns allies no to use Huawei smartphones. Also, they recommend not to use networking equipment of Huawei. Further, they claim that these products spy on consumers and companies. While Huawei’s spokesperson strongly denies these claims. Many European governments are following the U.S. government and banning Huawei and its equipment from their country. Whereas, Liang Hua, Huawei’s chairman, said the company would continue to move towards its 5G development. Despite bans from more number of countries, the company has obtained 26 commercial contracts of 5G.

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