Cosmonaut Says the Mysterious Hole Was Drilled from Inside of the Soyuz Capsule


Sergei Prokopyev, Russian cosmonaut, investigated for the hole in a Soyuz capsule docked to the International Space Station. He said on Monday that someone drilled the mysterious hole from the inner side of the spacecraft. Besides, Russian law enforcement is investigating the source of it. Previously, Sergei Prokopyev and another crew member Oleg Kononenko collected the samples from the outer edge of the capsule. Additionally, the inspectors were looking at those samples collected during the spacewalk of 12th December. Prokopyev and two other astronauts returned to Earth after functioning on a 197-day space mission. Unfortunately, the part of the ship which was having hole no more exists. That is, the piece jettisoned during the re-entry. But the investigators are studying the samples taken from the damaged region.

Astronauts discovered a pressure leak on the ISS previously on 29 August 2018. They revealed that it was 2-mm hole in the Soyuz capsule which was the source of pressure leak. Moreover, the images of the hole revealed that it seems to be like a drill hole. Prokopyev said that the cavity started from the inner side of the Soyuz capsule. Now it is up to investigation officers to discover that when the hole took place. Whereas, the hole didn’t produce any danger to the crew members. Currently, there are no more details of the hole. Besides, it is unclear whether the hole drilled in Earth or space.

Dmitry Rogozin, Roscomos chief, previously said that probably the hole could have been drilled when the capsule was in orbit or at the manufacturing process. His statement stopped the blames in the crew members, but it created some conflicts between NASA and Roscomos. After that Roscomos chief back-stepped from his saying, and he blames that reporters twisted his words. It is unclear what would be the punishment for the one or more person who intended to harm the crew members.

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