NASA’s New Horizon Plunges in Space to Explore the Farthest World Ever Visited by Humanity


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is ready to explore the world which is 4 billion miles away from the Earth. The spacecraft team that brought detailed-shot of Pluto will ring the new year by investigating the mysterious world. Thus, the New Horizon spacecraft will unroll the icy object nicknamed Ultima Thule. The dark world is one billion miles beyond Pluto. Ultima Thule would be the farthest world ever discovered by human beings. The distant interplanetary flyby will be just for few fractions of time. But the successful flyby could disclose a lot of information about the objects that control the remote reaches of our cosmic surrounding.

Ultima Thule is an object present in the Kuiper Belt, and Hubble Space Telescope firstly discovered it in 2014. The official name for the object is 2014 MU69, which does not have any exemplar ever before. According to researchers, it is a tiny object revolving around the solar system in the Kuiper Belt. At this region of the space may be full of icy objects Ultima Thule. The New Horizon is traveling in through space and exploring the extra-terrestrial world from past 13 years. In 2015, the probe reached Pluto and became the first artificial object ever to visit Pluto. Since that flyby, the spacecraft is traveling around the solar system. Now, after three years, the probe is set to meet a new faraway target.

At the time of closest approach, it will move forward with a sizzling speed of 32,279 miles/hour. During the flyby, the New Horizon will be just 2,175 miles away from Ultima Thule. At the point, the sun will seem like a tiny shinning point, as it is 43 astronomical away from the object. (Here AU is a metric which means the overall distance between Earth and the Sun). Despite all enormous distances, researchers expect to receive exciting pictures of the reddish object. Scientists also predict that the exploration would shed light on the evolution and structure of our solar system.

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