Amazon Aims to Expand Whole Foods Stores Across the U.S.


The internet retail giant aims to construct and extend Whole Foods stores across the U.S. So a new Whole Foods Market store may extend with Amazon’s exclusive two-hour delivery service. Amazon acquired the Whole Foods company for $13.7 billion in 2017. The push would make Whole Foods more popular in suburbs and other areas. Thus Amazon is planning to reverse the slowing development of the foods market. The company also aims to make Prime Now available at all the Whole Foods’ stores across the U.S. Currently; the exact locations are unknown. But the Whole Foods workforce has explored stores in places where the chain does not have an outlet. According to the Wall Street Journal, the staff visited in areas of southern Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Currently, provides Prime Now, two-hour delivery service to Prime members. The service is available in more than 60 cities. Besides online grocery pickup service is available from Whole Foods from nearly 30 cities. Amazon charges $119 per year for its Prime membership. The Prime members get a two-day free shipping program and access to streaming video and music. Amazon also aims to use benefits for Prime members to engage new customers toward Whole Foods.

Prime Now enables customers to buy fresh produce, meat, seafood, select alcohol, and other products from Whole Foods Market. Although, the move is not completely weird for Amazon. Whole Foods is already using Prime as an attraction for customers. The Prime Now service is becoming more popular due to this. Amazon said it sold more turkeys than ever before via Prime Now. According to Numerator, around 600 people shopped at Whole Foods because of Prime promotions. Whole Foods chief executive and co-founder John Mackey conveyed their staff by saying that he wants to address employee concerns. He also aims to enhance communication and target career development in the upcoming year. However, Amazon experienced a sudden rise in sales from the region of North America.

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