Report Says that Milky Way Would Collide with a Nearby Galaxy

Report Says that Milky Way Would Collide with a Nearby Galaxy


It’s common for galaxies in the universe to collide into each other and create something else. Scientists have been quite excited about finding of these collisions, as to find where it all began. According to a recently-published report, however, the Milky Way galaxy also will collide with a nearby counterpart, forming another celestial object in the long run. Don’t worry, though, it’s going to take place in two billion years only.

This report was published as an article in the Royal Astronomical Society journal. Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is expected to collide with Milky Way and this would mean a lot to both the galaxies. For instance, the collision would cause the dormant black hole of Milky Way to wake up and this will have long-term impacts on how things work. In short, there would be some cosmic fireworks happening in the space.

As said earlier, the collision between Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and Milky Way may also form something else that has not yet been found in the space. Nevertheless, human beings won’t have to worry about this issue, since two billion years is a huge-enough time period for human civilization. Researchers behind the report, however, add that two billion years is a small time-period for celestial objects and activities.

“The destruction of the LMC, as it is devoured by the Milky Way, will wreak havoc with our galaxy, waking up the black hole that lies at its center and turning our galaxy into an ‘active galactic nucleus’ or quasar” a lead author of the study was quoted saying by Forbes. The study also explores how such a black hole would have an impact on the solar system and elements.

At the rate humanity is going, however, Earth would not have to worry about the collision in two billion years though.

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