Integration of Messaging Apps May Raise a Security Concern

Integration of Messaging Apps May Raise a Security Concern


Facebook recently announced it aims to merge its three messaging services. But the move could result in additional regulatory analysis for the company already under legal observatory. As per reports of The New York Times, Facebook intends to combine the technical framework behind WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. The trio will persist to operate as individual services. As the news rolled out, a new issue came into focus. The question hopping around the story is what about user privacy? The New York Times report cited four people familiar with the company’s strategy. Many of the antitrust lawyers say the move could probably introduce a new antitrust action against Facebook.

Currently, WhatsApp is the only app supporting end-to-end encryption. Whereas, Messenger users require to enable the secret conversation feature to secure their messages. While Instagram does not offer any kind of security for messages. Both apps do not use any encryption technique at the moment. The previous year has been harsh for the social media giant. The company is facing extreme pressure over its privacy practices and platform manipulations by foreign actors. So the move may lead to a serious security concern. Thus, it is unsure whether the new platform will oblige default end-to-end encryption for all users.

It seems to be challenging to achieve high-level security that will be secure. The company may require to re-design all the three messaging apps from the foundation. Formerly, a Canadian spokesperson recommended antitrust as a solution to Facebook’s security concerns. The entity was raised during a hearing of international lawmakers in the U.K. in November. A law professor at the University of Michigan, Daniel Crane said merging the back-end technology of the services cannot address the security issue. Professor raised a question, how the company was allowed to acquire three messaging outlets in the first place. On the other hand, Mr. Mark aims to develop a fast, simple, reliable and secure private messaging services for the users.

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