American Lung Association Criticizes FDA for Increased Vaping Among Teens

American Lung Association Criticizes FDA for Increased Vaping Among Teens


The American Lung Association gives a big zero to a federal agency and state governments in tobacco prevention. On Wednesday, the ALA said a stricter act of law is required to stop the teen vaping outbreak. The association unveiled a new report that quotes the failure of states and the federal government to keep tens away from vaping. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, in 2018 20% of high school students, and 5% of middle school students used e-cigs. The figures reveal a rise of 75% as compared to 2017. The AAP said the escalating user of e-cigarettes among the youth endangers five decades of public health gains.

Furthermore, the federal government is lacking to act to secure teens and adolescents from e-cigarettes. The habit of vaping may result in a future addiction. According to the State of Tobacco Control Report of the association, tobacco kills 480,000 people in the U.S. every year. Also, it is the headmost cause of avoidable death and disease in the country. Currently, 16 million people are suffering from tobacco-related disorders. Harold P. Wimmer, president and CEO of AAP, said the new report reveals a disturbing defeat of the federal government and states on account of reducing and preventing the use of tobacco.

Besides, the organizations lay the health and lives of Americans at risk. The report ranks states and the District of Columbia in five sectors that have been authentic to avoid and lessen tobacco use. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration received grade “F” from the lung association. The current figure is a result of FDA’s lack of action and passivity regarding vaping. The move is threatening the health and life of Americans. FDA is responsible for controlling the use of e-cigs, yet a large number of teenagers are using them. Thomas Carr, an author of the new report and national director of policy at the American Lung Association, said the situation is a result of lack of regulation of the products. Yet, Carr said, in 2018, the associations made a lot of announcements, but they lack in realizing them.

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