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Paul Patterson – Editor
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Paul is a Founding Editor of conquesitor. Additionally, he is a content manager. As a full-fledged content writer and editor, he is devoted to writing news reports and bulletins about the everyday inventions, roll-outs, breakthroughs related to the business and technology field. Whenever free, he likes to spend time with kids and be like them. Thus, he visits orphanage home to help emerging bright futures. You can get in touch with him

Recent Post by him: The United States Filed Cases Against Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

Mark Paliotta -Editor
+61 3 9368 1377

Being a researcher and having a deep comprehension about the current trends in science field makes Ronald one of the prime Content Writer. At Conquesitor, he deals with all the up-to-minute happenings and events in the area of Science. He primarily reports news related to space, planets, extra-terrestrial activities and much more. Additionally, Ronald writes his block informing about current happenings and update across the universe. You can get in touch with him

Recent Post by him: Researchers Describe Ancient Reptile Similar to Platypus

Stephen Mories – Author and Contributor
+61 3 9368 1377

Stephen is one of the best and veteran content writer at conquesitor. He is devoted to writing about the Health domain. His strategy of cutting down the complex medical terms simple makes it very easy to understand. He writes about all of the outbreaks, discoveries, disorders, and inventions taking place around the world. Stephen is a foodie person, and in the meantime, he likes to discover new food places.You can get in touch with him

Recent Post by him: American Lung Association Criticizes FDA for Increased Vaping Among Teens

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